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Influential Networking

The Influential Leadership Seminar was very useful. My big takeaway from the Influence 247 program was in changing the word. I realize that it starts with myself and that will take me some distance.

Human Resource MediaCorp

Tan Li-Min

Influence 24 x 7

Mr. Mukul Deva engaged the crowd right from the get go. He was humourous, entertaining and engaging. His presentation had people on the edge of their seats.

En Secretary Toastmasters Club Singapore Institute of Management

Amos Chan Jia

Influential Leadership

Thank you for inspiring the entire audience. It was a delight to see people completely engaged with Mukul's stories and among themselves. It feels really good to go home feeling we have learned something new.

New Zealand Chamber of Commerce

Monica Portillo

Influence 24 x 7

Well paced program. Most of the essential skills are covered.

KatherineDGM Corporate FinanceKeppelland Ltd

Tay Beng Ngoh

Influence 24 x 7

What I have learned is more than enough for me to apply in my work and life

AVP Finance Keppel REIT Management Ltd

Chow Ching Sian

Influential Networking

Plenty of activites. Both Karen and Mukul are very committed. Allow open and frank sharing and feedback.

JaseManager Safety and Health,Keppelland Ltd

Chua Boon Swee

I score the training a perfect 10. I found the 20 min planner most actionable in making influential presentations. Karen is pleasantly approachable. Because of her personality, I am receptive towards her genuine feedback. Mukul is good at empowering me to envision that I can do it.

Deputy Head, Bancassurance (Citibank), ‎AIA

Ho Kit Yee

Karen has been a great facilitator; giving us honest feedback, and she is very engaging. Mukul is a great coach; sharing with us through his experience.

AIA Bancassurance Team

Tan, Lina

Very interactive, engaging, straight to the point. Great delivery of information. Good feedback for reflection.

AIA Bancassurance Team

Max Tan

10/10! Through the influence 247 training, I realised my capability and how to understand the other person’s perspective. Karen is very effective and speaks with honesty. Mukul is very encouraging.

Telethon Manager, AIA

Roberto Ando

Excellent and thought provoking.

Senior Vice President, IT & Strategic Development,Transit Link, Singapore

Dr. Chandra Segaran

Mukul brought a depth of experience and insight to a number of training activities here at the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR). Over the years we have engaged with him, Mukul quickly formed deep mentoring relationships with a number of representatives from post-conflict countries, most notably Afghanistan. He worked diligently to guide individuals and teams in the development of targeted project documents which comprehensively addressed areas of identified need. In addition, his training modules on leadership and communication - consistently of excellent instructional design - were well received by senior government officials of a number of countries, as well as representatives of the United Nations. 

Specialist / ATD Master Trainer, United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR)

Berin McKenzie

Leading for Change is 10/10. Excellent facilitation of people sharing opinions and ability to relay key points and motivating messages.

Head Operations APAC GECD, BNP Paribas

Nicolas Guyard

Innovate to Win is very practical! I will action it not only across our organization, but propagate and influence it as well.

Chief Executive Officer, Datwyler (Thelma) Cables & Systems Pte Ltd, Singapore

Eythan Lim

I learnt how to change my perception towards an issue or problem. Mukul is inspirational.

Hewlett Packard Singapore, Hewlett Packard (Regional SLT)

Chia Siew Choon

Mukul has increased my confidence, and I feel encouraged.

Hewlett Packard Japan, Hewlett Packard (Regional SLT)

Komori Shigemiki

Perfect 10.  I learnt how to let my team see the problem, come up with the solution and be accountable. The result is that they grow as leaders.

Senior Leadership Team, Mediacorp Ltd

Doreen Neo

10/10. Excellent. Mukul is an experienced coach who can point out the real problems we might have encountered. Karen is very organized and ensured that all the audience’s needs are addressed and taken care of.

Taipei Veterans General Hospital, Bayer Healthcare

Chou Hsiao Ping

10/10. Excellent program.

Dr. Soetomo Hospital,Bayer Healthcare , Indonesia

Sri Andreani Utomo

I feel that building rapport and connecting on a more emotional level is something I want to act on more in the future. Karen is very clear and very entertaining. Mukul brings the topic to life with his real-life stories.

Product Support, Caterpillar (Australia)

Brent Mekis

I learnt how to be more self-aware, and that my choice of actions and words can heavily influence people. Therefore just by altering my actions and words, I can be more influential. Karen is very clear and knowledgeable. She is excellent and a great facilitator. Mukul helped enlighten the topics further. He made the topic very easy for us to understand.

Petroleum Business Unit, Caterpillar (Singapore)

Marcus Leong

What was most impactful for me was how to give feedback using the 3Es – Encourage, Enhance and Expand. I also found the F.R.E.E. influencing process very actionable. Karen is passionate. Mukul is knowledgeable and powerful. The two-day course was well structured, clearly aimed and well delivered. I wish we had even more time.

Marketing, Caterpillar (China)

Amy Liu

I enjoyed Mukul’s facilitation and teaching methods and the use of different activities and exercises to help deepen understanding or to reinforce learning & application. Mukul is observant and perceptive. He paid attention to each participant, making everyone feel involved.

Assistant Vice President, Capitaland

Irene Lim

Influence 24 x 7

Win People Over is 10/10! Karen is very inspiring and influential. Mukul gives very practical examples, which I really relate to.

Aon Risk Solutions

Wan Foon Kei Stella

Karen is professional, friendly and engaging. I love the sharing of Mukul’s stories.

Sembcorp Gas Ltd, Singapore

Celestine Lee

Karen gave positive feedback and encouragement. Mukul pushes us to do things we never knew we could.

Certis Cisco

Tan Xin Yi

Meaty session on Breakthrough Thinking, with many actionable learning.

MSD Pharma, Australia

Matt Quinnell

The Project Management Institute (Singapore) Board is extremely pleased to see and hear excellent feedback and fantastic endorsement in the professional manner in which Mukul Deva helmed The Influential Leadership Seminar, where he spoke on The Breakthrough Thinker, Minimum Effort, Maximum Results.

Board Member, Project Management Institute

M Supaya

We want to share our delight and enthusiasm for the seminar Karen Leong delivered at the full-house Influential Leadership event to our Project Management Institute (Singapore) Members. We have put on record her achievements and contributions within our Chapter's Website which would be viewed by our SPMI Members and the PMI global community for years to come.  

Board Member, Project Management Institute

M Supaya

Mukul has a wealth of experiences from his background in the military and an entrepreneur. His straight talking and practical advice has endeared the audiences. I was impressed by Karen's communication skills. She engaged the audience with her examples and polished delivery style.

Board Member, Project Management Institute

John Lee Ching Lee

Excellent engagement. Excellent life stories. Now, I will act.

Scientec Consulting

Jason Ng

This program has been absolutely meaningful to my current confusion in my personal life. I have been struggling with a general unhappiness and lack of direction. I learnt to reframe my problem. It’s not just about alternative solutions, but alternative ways of approaching the problem to reach a solution. I realize that I can now start to make small changes.

Scientec Consulting

Francis Somera

The learning for women leaders was high, as was the energy and fun. Thank you Karen, for the enthusiasm and insights.

Program Director, Women & Leadership (Executive Education), Singapore Management University

Dr Tanvi Gautam

10/10 for the session on Breakthrough Thinking. Mukul just left me wanting more, but with no real questions - he’s really very good

Dell, Australia

Karl Melrose

I found the powerful techniques to engage strangers most actionable. Karen is awesome, influential, personable and encouraging.

Singapore Press Holdings Pte Ltd

Chelsea Tan Seok Ping

Great job in stimulating and inspiring the people who work from the heart. Many of my colleagues have given positive feedback. Interactive and fun.

Senior Manager (Nursing), HCA Hospice Care

Angela Tan

Mukul has been a positive and energetic driver of change. His vast experience and ability to crystallize issues to root causes, provides much needed clarity and inspiration to meeting the challenges of fast-paced change.

Ministry of Trade & Industry, Singapore

Senior Assistant Director

The lessons were clear and precise. Simple and effective.

Senior Marketing Manager, Wing Tai Asia

Philip Lam Mun Chun

Impressive. Simple but striking, efficient and lively. It made people think about change and how they can personally cope with it. It helped me to support the change properly.

COO, Capital Markets Asia Pacific, BNP Paribas

Mr Gilles Gelle

Very well balanced program. I will not only action it across the organization, but influence and propagate it as well.

CEO, Datwyler (Thelma) Cables & Systems

Eythan Lim

Perfect 10. I am receptive towards the facilitators’ genuine feedback, and I feel empowered that I can do it.

Deputy Head, Bancassurance (Citibank), AIA

Ho Kit Yee

Perfect 10. The presentations inspired me and the stories really touched me.

Procter & Gamble, Korea

Chan Young Lee

The influence process is very actionable. Well structured, clearly aimed and well delivered!

Caterpillar, China

Amy Liu

The management program is well paced, covering most of the essential skills.

Katherine, DGM Corporate Finance, Keppel Land

Tay Beng Ngoh

Mukul is very effective facilitator, bringing the team step-by-step towards deciding goals of the Strategic Management Retreat.

Vice President Human Resource, TransitLink

Ong Ing Lai

Brought practical actions to the forefront of our thinking. Enabled many ‘ah ha’ moments

Director, Credit Suisse

Jennifer Hewit

Delegates at our Annual SME Conference and Infocomm Commerce Conference left the session feeling positively impacted and keen to apply what they had learnt.

Senior Director Commerce & Industry, SCCCI

Irene Low

Mukul is one of the best speakers I have ever experienced. I learnt how to have empowering and inspiring conversations

Hewlett Packard, Korea

Shin Jong Weon

I realized that I should focus on the person, not on the problem. The action I will take is to listen more. This will enable to gain ownership of problems and issues by staff.

Managing Director (Radio), Mediacorp

Florence Lian

Excellent and thought provoking.

IT & Strategic Development, TransitLink

Dr. Chandra Segaran, Senior Vice President,

Excellent. 5 stars! I found the team role dynamics and the decision-making tools most actionable.

BNP Paribas Asia Pacific Campus

Yunis Lee, Head of Learning and Development,

Karen is a charming, poised presenter. She is engaging with the ability to connect with different personalities.

Cosmopolitan Singapore Harpers Bazaar

Eileen Chia, Group Advertising Director,


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